10 Leopard Gecko Hides For Your Pet (Revealed)

Leopard Gecko Hides

Leopard Geckos are terrestrial animals and in the wild are preyed on by a wide range of predators. As a result, it is their natural instinct to hide when they are scared or stressed. Hides are a significant part of a Lizards setup and should always be incorporated into your vivarium or another choice of enclosure 

In their natural habitat, leopard geckos hide in rocky areas. These rocks serve as their hiding place whenever they seek protection from natural elements or predators. 

Hides are actually essential for the good health of your geckos. A hide should provide your geckos with a hiding place where they feel safe, secure, and protected. Otherwise, they will get stressed and this will lead to other health problems and eventually even death.

Stress is one of the most common reasons for an unhealthy leopard gecko. Stress can give your leopard gecko a weakened immune system, leading to bacterial infections and worse. 

The Three Types of Hide

There are three types of hides that must be included in your leopard gecko setup.  Each hide plays a vital role in the overall health of your pets. 

Cool Hide

A Cool hide is a place inside the enclosure which is cooler compared to other areas. It helps your leopard gecko to drop their body temperature when they are feeling hot.  

The cool hide allows them to lay and cool down while they are resting.

The cool hode should be placed in the end of the enclosure where there are no heat sources.

Warm Hide

Warm hides should be placed in the warm/hot end of the enclosure. This will be the end where you have your heat sources such as heat pads, heat lamps etc.

By having a choice, your gecko can move between the hot and cool ends to maintain the temperature that the gecko needs. This is also known as thermoregulation. 

Moist Hide

Moist hides are usually placed in the enclosure to provide more humidity. This is the perfect palace for shedding since the moisture helps the gecko to soften the skin. 

This hide is more humid because also of the substrate used in most hide. Substrates such as sphagnum moss, and coconut moss is great since it retains the moisture that is necessary for laying eggs, shedding and fighting diseases. 

Things to consider in choosing hides

In choosing hides for your geckos, you should remember that it should be ideal for retaining humidity, great in conducting heat or low in heat retention. Furthermore, it should be able to provide good air circulation for the welfare of your pets.

The hide must be dark enough so that they can rest comfortably. It should also be of the proper size to fit your geckos. 

The hide must also be free from harmful chemicals and edges for the safety of your pets.

Top 10 hides for Leopard Geckos

  1. Reptile Habitat Terrarium Decoration for Leopard Gecko 
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  • This is made of premium and non-toxic resin that is durable and suitable for your pets. Since it’s non-toxic it is also safe for your leopard gecko. 
  • It’s also hand-painted with seemingly natural-looking rooks which makes it a great addition if your want to decorate your enclosure.
  • The reptile cave gives your leopard gecko a sense of security and privacy and it is a perfect hiding place for your pets.
  • With this hide, your geckos will be stress-free and happy.
  • This reptile cave is also perfect for small reptiles. 
  1.  SunGrow Leopard Gecko Coconut Husk Hut with Ladder
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  • SunGrow house for leopard geckos is a durable hide for your pets. This is a great hide especially when there is extreme weather conditions and your geckos need to regulate their temperature.
  • The hide is also made of a coconut shell which is natural and sturdy.
  • This hide offers quality as coconut hide never gets rusted or destroyed because of its strength and durability. It is also attractive and looks natural when placed inside the enclosure.
  • You can also make it customized based on your preference
  • The rough wooden rope ladder and coconut fibers can also encourage muscular exercise and stay healthy while they are inside the enclosure. 
  • This hide is also made of real coconut husk which gives the enclosure an exotic and natural-looking.
  1. Rock Gecko Hides and Caves 
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  • Rock geckos Hides and caves can also be a great hide for your geckos
  • The hide looks realistic as it imitates the natural living environment. 
  • The gecko can also easily access the hide since the entrance is big enough 
  • Injuries and harm can also be avoided by using this hide because the surface is soft and sleek 
  • This hide is also non-toxic, eco-friendly and durable since its made of high-quality resins

4. Natural Coconut Reptile Hideouts

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  • This reptile hideout is made from Real Coconut that’s natural and eco-friendly. It’s non-toxic and provides your gecko safe hiding place for resting.  
  • Coconut hideout is also sturdy and durable. It’s not easily damaged by moisture and humidity.
  • Natural coconut Reptile Hideouts can be used in hot surroundings or even moist or humid areas.  
  • This is a perfect hide if your want to have that natural look inside the enclosure. This could also be attractive for your geckos. 

5. Resin Hollow Tree Stump Decorations 

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  • Tree stump decorations are unique and naturally beautiful hides with realistic colors and description that lasts for a long time. 
  • This is also made of a resin material that is non-toxic and sturdy. It’s also heavy and is not easily moved by your geckos when they play and move around.
  • This hide has a soft entrance allowing your leopard to be safe while they enter or exit the hide.
  • A hallow tree stump can also be fun for your reptiles since it has several holes where they can play and exercise. 
  • This is also the perfect hiding place for you geckos.

6. Creation Core Lizard Hideout

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  • This hide is made of quality ceramic which is designed to provide cooler burrows which is good for resting and hiding. 
  • The material is sturdy and durable. It’s not easily moved when the gecko plays or moves since the material is heavy. 
  • The surface also supports the gecko as it climbs the hide. 
  • This hide is perfect because it provides your gecko with a secure hiding place.

7. PETWAKEY-ST Reptile Hideout Box

  • This hide is made of plastic and pottery that give its a smooth and fine texture. It can provide your geckos with a safe and comfortable shelter. 
  • This tank uses the second-generation humidification and golden ratio design. The ceramic technology used in the humidification tank has the effect of gradually releasing water vapor or humidity into the area.
  • When humidification is not required, the top ventilation network also operated to give more ventilation.
  • This hide is also easy to clean and free from sharp corners which may injure your pet. It’s also durable and provides your pet with better privacy and security while they sleep or rest.

8. Reptile Hide Box for Geckos and Lizards 

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  • This hide is made of food-grade plastic which makes it temperature resistant
  • This is also safe for your pets since the surface is soft and the edges are not pointed to prevent the risk of injury.
  • This is also sturdy and easy to clean.
  • There are several sizes offered to fit your geckos. Sizes to choose from are small, jumbo, xx-large, X-large and large.
  • There is also a 12-month warranty so you can have a replacement or refund.

9. Fischuel  Reptile Hides Humidification Cave 

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  • This is a secure hideout for your geckos. 
  • It provided your geckos with a hiding place that is dark and makes them feel secure or out of sight of the predators thus, reducing their stress level.
  • This hide is also designed to enhance the humidity inside to help them shed by softening their skin for easy removal.
  • It also prevents injury since the material inside the hide is made of smooth plastic while the outside is free from sharp elements.
  • The lid on top of the hide also serves as a balcony where the gecko can sunbath and process calcium for stronger bones.

10. Zilla Rock Lair MD

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  • This hide is perfect for maintaining the humidity inside the hide because of its design. The side entrance and solid top greatly contribute in retaining the humidity. 
  • It also imitates the natural look of a rock which is realistic and looks the same as the gecko’s natural habitat.
  • The material used is also heavy and is not easily moved when your per keeps on moving 
  • High humidity inside the hide also supports the shedding of your pets.
  • Lastly, ZILLA rock lairs are available in three sizes and fit small, medium and large geckos.

Final Thoughts 

Hides are important materials that should be found inside the enclosure of your leopard geckos. This is because of the security and privacy it offers to your beloved pets.

In choosing hides, it is important to consider the humidity, coolness and heat conductivity since these are important factors to the overall health of your pets.

Hides are the safest place that you can offer for your pets. This is the sanctuary that will render them protection from the outside environment. It also helps them rest well, reduces their stress, and makes their immune system strong. 

On the other hand, hide retain the humidity and moisture so it’s great especially when your geckos are regulating their temperature. It also helps especially when your geckos are shedding or laying their eggs. This is due to the extra humidity inside the hide which helps them soften their skin. 

Warmth is also essential in the food digestion and metabolism of your geckos. 

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