What Do Flying Geckos Eat

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Flying geckos are amazing lizards that make great pets for beginners and seasoned handlers.  They come in different sizes and shapes and make a great part of your family. 


Flying geckos are small lizard that is native to Southeast Asia. They get their name from their ability to glide from tree to tree using the skin flaps on their sides. They also use this ability to escape from their predators or hunt for food.


If you want to have this creature, you might ask what type of food they eat and their ideal diet. Keep reading this article to learn what suitable insects can provide them with the nutrient they need to stay healthy and happy.


In their natural habitat, the majority of their diet consists of insects. Basically, they feed on crickets, waxworms, earthworms, mealworms, fruitflies, moths, grasshoppers, and other smaller insects to sustain their nutritional needs. Hence, if you’re keeping a flying gecko as a pet, you should try to replicate its natural diet as closely as possible to support its needs. 


Crickets are also one of the most common feeders for flying geckos. Like other insect feeders, crickets contain a high amount of protein and make a nutritious meal for your reptiles. You can purchase crickets online or from your local pet store. Upon feeding, place them in your gecko’s tank and watch your hungry gecko feed on them!


Waxworms are caterpillar or worms, which is normally given as a treat for geckos. This is given occasionally since it contains a high amount of calories. Normally, pet owners give their geckos waxworms to fatten them. 


Geckos can be addicted to waxworms, which can be shown by their refusal to feed on other insects once they are accustomed to this diet. Moreover, this is not really recommended as a staple food since it can lead to obesity. 


Flying geckos can eat earthworms but not on day to day basis. Although earthworms contain a high amount of protein, they can secrete substances that can be disgusting for your geckos. Furthermore, they can also carry bacteria and viruses due to the fact that they feed on organic matter in the soil. 



Mealworms are common food for flying geckos. These larvae are high in protein and make a nutritious meal for your pet. You can purchase mealworms online or from your local pet store. Upon feeding your geckos, place them on your gecko’s plate and let them feast on it.


Fruit Flies 

One of the most delicious insects for flying geckos is fruit flies. In the wild, these insects are attracted to ripe fruits and flowers, which makes them easy prey for flying geckos.

You can choose from frozen or live fruit flies available in your local pet store. For frozen ones, defrost them before your place them in your gecko’s tank. Fruit flies are delicious insects for geckos. However, the same must be given in moderation since it also contains a high amount of calories. They can also carry virus and bacterias which is harmful to your pets.



Moth can be a great source of protein and fat for your flying geckos. However, they can contain harmful pathogens that can cause sickness. If you wish to feed your geckos with moths, make sure you buy the same from a reputable seller. In this way, you’re assured that it is safe for your pets.


Grasshoppers can be given to your geckos but unlike other kinds of insect feeders, they have an imbalance proportion of phosphorus and calcium. Despite that, they contain an essential amount of protein that can help your gecko grow. They also have a higher amount of dietary fiber which is good for them. There are dried grasshoppers available in the market but feeding them with live insects will always be better since it encourages them to use their hunting skills. 


Whatever staple you choose for your flying geckos, it’s important not to overfeed them. Insects containing high amounts of calories and protein must be given in moderation since this can also cause obesity and other health issues. 


Fruits and Vegetables

Most species of geckos are insectivores. This means that the vast majority of their diet consists of small insects but flying gecko seems to be an exemption. 

Flying geckos feed on fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. They can also be fed vegetables on an occasional basis. In the wild, these lizards will often feed the nectars of the flowers. 

The usual vegetables that are safe for flying geckos include collard greens, kale, and squash. When it comes to fruit, flying geckos enjoy berries, apples, and papaya. It’s important to avoid feeding your pet fruits or vegetables that have been sprayed with pesticides or other harmful chemicals.


Feeding flying geckos is easy since you can choose from plenty of options. Fruit flies, mealworms, crickets, and fruits and vegetables are all great choices that will provide your lizards with the nutrients they need to stay healthy, but they must be given in variety and moderation.

You can also dust the insect feeders with calcium, vitamins, and mineral to compensate for the lacking nutrients on their insect feeder. Better care for flying geckos can increase their lifespan healthier.

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