What Do Tokay Geckos Eat?

What Do Tokay Geckos Eat?

Do you have Tokay geckos as pets and wonder how to keep them healthy and active? Then keep reading this article to learn more about them!


Tokay geckos are small lizards that are endemic to Asia and the Pacific Islands. Although they are feisty and aggressive at times, they have wonderful features and physical appearances that can catch anyone’s attention. 


These lizards are considered opportunistic feeders. This means that they feed on whatever prey items are available to sustain their nutritional needs. They primarily hunt for their prey during the night since they are nocturnal creatures.


Tokay geckos held in captivity must be provided with a well-rounded diet that meets all of their nutritional needs. Hence, a variety of insect feeders can be furnished by pet owners to serve this purpose.


In this article, you will learn what the recommended diet for your tokay geckos, the frequency of feeding, and the importance of supplements. With all these, you can keep them healthy and happy for years to come. 


Insect Feeders for Tokay gecko

Tokay geckos are found in tropical climates. They usually feed on small insects and invertebrates, such as roaches, crickets, worms, or even snails. They will also occasionally eat small mammals or reptiles.


In captivity, their diet consists mainly of insects and other invertebrates like crickets and roaches. Sometimes, they are also fed with locusts or grasshoppers, roaches, and mealworms.


In feeding your geckos, make sure that the insects you’re feeding are not bigger than the space between their eyes. This rule is important to prevent choking incidents. You can also offer your Tokay gecko pre-killed insect but live insects are always better since they will enable your gecko to exercise by chasing for their prey.

Frequency of Feeding

As a common practice, you should feed your lizard as many insects as it can consume in just one sitting. After 30 minutes, uneaten insects must be removed from the enclosure.


In feeding adult tokay geckos, at least 6 to 8 insects can be provided at every mealtime. The same must be done every other two to three days. 


For juveniles or those who are 6 months old, at least three to five insects in the maximum can be provided every day. It is important to monitor the number of insects given to these animals to prevent over-feeding and obesity. If you have any concerns about how much or how often you should be feeding your lizard, please consult with a veterinarian who specializes in reptile care.


Just like other reptiles, they need supplements to maintain their health. In order to do this, you can dust the insects with a calcium powder before feeding them to your Tokay gecko. Tokay geckos need calcium to help them grow properly and stay healthy. Calcium powder supplements can be found in local pet stores or reptile shops. 


Be sure to dust the insects with the supplement before feeding them to your lizards as this will help them absorb the calcium more easily. 


You can also gut-load the insects.  It is important to remember that these insects must be gut-loaded before you feed them to your geckos. Gut-loading is the process of feeding insects nutritious foods so that they can in turn provide those nutrients to your geckos when they are eaten. Learn more about gut loading here.

Final Thought

In owning Tokay geckos, it’s important to feed them a variety of insects. A variety of insects will provide your gecko with the nutrients they need to stay healthy. 


You should also provide insects which are not too big for them to eat so as not to cause unnecessary injuries caused by choking.


Next, dust the insects with calcium and vitamins to ensure they have the essential nutrients they need in order to grow. You can also gut-load your insect.


Lastly, don’t overfeed your geckos. Overfeeding can cause obesity which can be detrimental to your pets. Tokay geckos should only be fed as much as they can eat in one sitting as they do not have a very high metabolism and tend to store fat easily.


As we can see, feeding a pet Tokay gecko is not difficult. However, it is important to give them a diet that closely resembles their natural diet in order to ensure their health. By offering them a variety of insects and other invertebrates, you can assure yourself that they will remain healthy and happy for years to come.

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